Face coverings: What affects your behaviour in a retail consulting environment?


In addition to supporting the sale of products, a number of retailers also offer close contact services delivered with workers in close proximity to customers within small consulting rooms (e.g. opticians, pharmacists, hair and beauty therapists, holistic therapists, podiatrists, etc). This PROTECT National Core Study sought to explore the use of face coverings ("something which securely covers the nose and mouth") amongst workers and members of the public within retail consulting rooms. Following a desktop review of literature, an online survey and semi-structured interviews explored worker and public knowledge, attitudes and practices related to the use of face coverings (between September 2021 and April 2022).

What did we find?

We are pleased to present the project findings and resulting recommendations made for policy, practice and research below.

This study sits under theme 3 as part of the wider PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study. To find out more click here.