Our Scientists

Prof Sotiris Vardoulakis
Research Director

Sotiris is Director of Research at the Institute of Occupational Medicine. A physicist with a background in exposure science, he has over 20 years’ experience in air pollution, climate change and environmental health research, policy and practice. Previously he was Head of the Environmental Change Department, and Leader of the Air Pollution and Climate Change Group at Public Health England. He also held positions at the Australian National University, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Birmingham University, University of Aveiro (Portugal), Lewes District Council (UK), and INERIS institute (France).

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Prof John Cherrie
Principal Scientist

John is Principal Scientist within Research Division and Professor of Human Health at Heriot Watt University. He is a former President of the British Occupational Hygiene Society. His research interests include human exposure assessment, environmental and occupational epidemiology, natural and synthetic fibres – including asbestos, dermal exposure to chemicals and dermatitis, and particulate air pollution. He also prepares medico-legal reports in relation to dust and chemical exposures, particularly to do with workplace cancer risks and occupationally-related neurodegenerative disease.

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Hilary Cowie
Director of Research Operations

Hilary is Director of Research Operations and Head of the Statistics and Toxicology Section in our Research Division. She is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Hilary has extensive experience of the design and analysis of epidemiological morbidity and mortality studies. She has been project leader of a number of studies including a detailed statistical analysis of the relationship between exposure to inspirable dust and the presence of respiratory symptoms among UK wool textile workers, and a study of the inter-relationships of dust exposure, lung function and respiratory symptoms among workers in a variety of industries (including underground coal miners and opencast workers). Much of her work has been concerned with the investigation of exposure-response relationships, primarily among occupational populations.

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Dr Joanne Crawford
Section Head, Ergonomics and Human Factors

Joanne is a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors specialist and a a Fellow of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. She has more than 20 years' experience working in higher education as a lecturer and senior lecturer in ergonomics and since re-joining IOM in 2007, in research. Her research has included systematic reviews covering topics such as ageing and work, mental well-being, firefighter health risks and the health of health professionals. She has also carried out research with groups including remote and mobile workers and telecommunication workers. Her research work has been supported by different sources including IOSH, BOHRF, DH, the European Commission and other industry sources.

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Dr Karen Galea
Head of Exposure Science

Karen is Head of the Exposure Science Section of our Research Division. She is actively involved in a wide variety of research projects, mainly focused on exposure assessment relating to health risks. Her work has included the characterisation of aerosols during offshore drilling operations and primary nickel production; a guide to safe handling and disposal of engineered nanoparticles; a case-control study of cancer among current and former Semiconductor employees; an assessment of exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in the home and working environment; and pesticide biomonitoring in residents living near agricultural land.

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Peter Ritchie
Head of Information Science

Peter is Head of Information Science at IOM, working on the design and management of ICT systems, databases, and application development for scientific and business requirements. His experience includes more than twenty years in the development of diverse systems and applications for epidemiology, toxicology, exposure, sickness-absence and well-being, and other hazard and risk assessment. Recent projects involve the creation of data capture and management systems for on-line health assessment surveys, web and mobile app development for exposure recording, and large scale data handling and tool development for toxicity and risk assessment of engineered nanomaterial (ENM).

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Prof Damien McElvenny
Principal Epidemiologist

Damien is a principal epidemiologist who has worked in the Statistics and Toxicology Section of Research Division since 2011. He is an Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Central Lancashire, an Honorary Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. He has over 30 years' experience working in a variety roles relating to the statistical analysis of health data in the public and private sector. Damien was chair of the Local Organising Committee for the EPICOH 2017 conference, the premier international conference on epidemiology in occupational health, which was held in Edinburgh.

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Dr Richard Graveling
Principal Ergonomist

Richard is Principal Ergonomist at IOM, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (FCIEHF). With over 30 years of research experience, Richard is one of the most senior researchers in the IOM and has acted as an authoritative advisor to government departments on a number of occasions. He also has extensive experience as an expert witness in the UK courts where he is often called upon to evaluate, summarise and present research knowledge to a non-scientific audience.

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Prof Lang Tran
Principal Computational Toxicologist

Lang is Principal Computational Toxicologist in the Statistics and Toxicology Section of our Research Division. His interests include toxicology and ecotoxicology. He is an Expert Consultant on the SAFEnano Initiative and is a founding member of SnIRC.

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Dr Miranda Loh
Senior Scientist

Miranda is a Senior Scientist working in the Centre for Human Exposure Science of the Research Division at the Institute of Occupational Medicine. She is an exposure scientist who tries to understand how people interact with their environment, and how this affects their exposure to both negative and positive aspects of the environment. She is particularly interested in using sensors to evaluate both personal activities, which may affect their exposures to environmental factors, and environmental factors themselves.

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Dr Sean Semple
Senior Lecturer

Sean is a Senior Lecturer within the Respiratory Group at the University of Aberdeen where he has worked for the past 15 years. Sean also holds an honorary seniorscientist position at the Institute of Occupational Medicine where he spends part of his working week. His interests are in occupational hygiene, exposureassessment and tobacco control. He has published over 90 scientific papers andin the past 5 years he has been a principal or co-applicant on 15 grants valuedat over £2M. He currently has 5 PhD students looking at projects ranging frompesticide exposure in Malaysia to second-hand smoke exposure in homes and cars.He is an external examiner to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Universities across the world and is an assistant editor to two scientific journals.

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Dr Ioannis Basinas
Senior Scientist

Ioannis is a senior scientist within the Exposure Science section of our Research Division. His research interests focus on the establishment and application of improved methods for quantitative exposure assessment based on statistical and mathematical modelling approaches. Ioannis has substantial experience in the assessment of exposure to organic dusts and the related health risks. Previously he was responsible for one of the largest exposure assessment studies on personal bio-aerosol exposures of farmers ever accomplished. He has also been involved in several studies aiming to guide and optimize exposure control strategies for bio-aerosol exposures in farm workplaces, and extensively worked towards the assessment of the burden of historical exposures to organic dusts. Currently he is involved in several projects related to the assessment of exposure to engineered nanomaterials, organic dusts, and the evaluation of Tier 1 models used under REACH.

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Shahzad Rashid
Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Shahzad is a Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer working in the Information Science Section of IOM’s Research Division. His background is in Computer Sciences with extensive experience in full life-cycle application development, data gathering, data processing, data manipulation and general systems integration and development. He is involved in development, management and support of various applications for IOM's internal and external clients. Recent work includes database work for several European Commission sponsored (FP7, H2020) projects and Mobile Application development for a research study of construction workers exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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Dr Susanne Steinle
Research Scientist

Susanne is a Research Scientist working in the Exposure Science Section of our Research Division. She is currently involved in a variety of projects regarding air pollution and environmental and occupational exposures.

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Alice Davis
Research Psychologist

Alice is a Research Psychologist working in the Ergonomics and Human Factors Section of our Research Division. She has over 6 years’ experience in occupational and environmental research and consultancy projects, providing both psychological knowledge and application of psychological methods. Amongst other areas, Alice has worked in knowledge transfer in the workplace, return to work after cancer, stress and psychosocial issues at work and ageing in the workplace.

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Thomas Winski
Ergonomics Research Scientist

Thomas is an Ergonomics Research Scientist working in the Ergonomics and Human Factors Section of our Research Division. He has come from a background in Psychology.

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Will Mueller

Will Mueller is a Statistician in the Statistics and Toxicology Section of the Research Division. Will has over 5 years’ experience with datasets representing diverse research areas, including the health of atomic bomb survivors, violence and injury surveillance in the Caribbean, and cognitive effects from mobile phone use in London adolescents. Will currently assists with the design and quantitative analysis of a range of occupational and environmental health studies undertaken at the IOM.

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Ken Dixon
Information Scientist

Ken is an Information Scientist working in the Information Science Section of IOM's Research Division. Ken manages IOM Library and information resources . He undertakes literature searches to support work by IOM and others that addresses a wide range of human health issues in the workplace and wider environment. This work includes toxicological and human health research reviews to support the work of regulatory authorities or to assist industry and commerce in meeting its health, safety and environmental responsibilities, and information searches undertaken to support medico-legal expert witness work.

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Susy Young
Research Operations Manager

Susy is our Research Operations Manager and she works closely with our scientists on project management activity. She has more than 20 years’ experience working in a scientific environment, 15 of which have been in managing research quality and progress. She is responsible for coordinating all of the research projects within the IOM, which includes managing the financial and administrative aspects of our work, especially for projects that we are coordinating, e.g. MARINA, ENPRA (EU) and EDPHiS (Scottish Government).

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Dr Araceli Sanchez Jimenez
Senior Scientist

Araceli works as a Senior Scientist within the Centre for Human Exposure Science (CHES). She carries out studies on exposure assessment using measurement and modelling tools to assist health and regulatory agencies and industry.

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Dr Sally Spankie

Sally is a Scientist in the Exposure Science Section of our Research Division. She is involved in occupational hygiene research, specifically in the area of exposure assessment to hazardous substances. Sally has considerable experience in undertaking monitoring surveys and desk based exposure studies for research, regulatory and aggregate exposure assessment purposes. Recently she has been assisting companies with human health exposure assessments for REACH compliance. Sally has worked in the agricultural and industrial sectors, including the grain, pesticide, metals, engineered nanoparticle, petrochemical, polymer and catalyst industries. Sally has also been involved with the development and application of models to estimate exposure. Sally has worked across Europe and South Africa on EU and industry funded research and consultancy work.

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Dr Anne Sleeuwenhoek
Research Scientist

Anne is a Research Scientist working in the Exposure Science Section of our Research Division. She has almost 15 years’ experience working in exposure assessment. Recent work at the IOM has involved exposure assessment relating to the tetrafluoroethylene industry. She is currently involved in exposure assessment in a study to investigate whether exposure to lead is associated with and increases risk of certain types of cancer mortality.

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Dr Eva Giagloglou
Researcher, Ergonomics, and Human Factors

Dr Eva Giagloglou obtained her Laurea Magistrale in Mathematical, Natural, and Physical Sciences from the University of Tuscia in Italy. She also has an MSc in New Technologies and Environment from the University of Ioannina, in collaboration with the Department of Vehicles at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece.

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