Workplace health and safety training

Education and training are vital in any company or organisation that aims to keep the workplace safe and healthy.

We deliver bespoke occupational health and safety training courses through a team of highly experienced trainers.

Our health and safety courses are delivered in the classroom and online. IOM has also established its own standard as part of its work in occupational health and medicine and therefore each and every attendee will receive a respected health and safety qualification or certificate as a result of attending an IOM delivered course.

Workplace Health and Safety Training Courses

IOM's health and safety training has a strong emphasis on health risk management including occupational health and hygiene, human factors and ergonomics, asbestos and emerging risks such as nano-materials.

If you have a bespoke occupational health training requirement in classroom or on-site environments or an approved accredited course our team will be happy to discuss your needs.
Discuss your training requirements or find out about our bespoke courses. Contact IOM Training