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Hilary Cowie

Hilary is Director of Research Operations and Head of the Statistics and Toxicology Section in our Research Division.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.  Hilary has extensive experience of the design and analysis of epidemiological morbidity and mortality studies. She has been project leader of a number of studies including a detailed statistical analysis of the relationship between exposure to inspirable dust and the presence of respiratory symptoms among UK wool textile workers, and a study of the inter-relationships of dust exposure, lung function and respiratory symptoms among workers in a variety of industries (including underground coal miners and opencast workers). Much of her work has been concerned with the investigation of exposure-response relationships, primarily among occupational populations.

Contact Details:


  • BSc Hons (Statistics); Chartered Statistician (CStat)

Committee and Society Memberships:

  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society

Research Interests:

  • Epidemiology
  • Environment and Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Sickness-Absence
  • Survey Methods

Selected Publications:

Perez L, Trüeb S, Cowie H, Keuken MP, Mudu P, Ragettli MS, Sarigiannis DA,Tobollik M, Tuomisto J, Vienneau D, Sabel C, Künzli N. (2015). Transport-related measures to mitigate climate change in Basel, Switzerland: A health-effectiveness comparison study. Environment International; 85 (December):111-119.

Tobollik M, Keuken M, Sabel C, Cowie H, Tuomisto J, Sarigiannis D, Künzli N, Mudu P.  (2016). Health impact assessment of transport policies in Rotterdam: Decrease of total traffic and increase of electric car use.  Environmental Research; 146: 350–358.

Crawford JO, Davis A, Walker, GH, Cowie H, Ritchie P. (2016). Knowledge transfer in occupational safety and health: the influence of practitioner skills. Contemporary Human Factors and Ergonomics 2016; 242-247.

Crawford JO, Davis A, Walker GH, Cowie H, Ritchie, PJ. The use of knowledge in occupational safety and health: from knowledge creation to employee use. In: Dingwall R, Frost S, eds. Health and Safety in a Changing World. London: Routledge, 2017: 59-84.

McElvenny DM, MacCalman LA, Sleeuwenhoek A, Davis A, Miller BG, Alexander C, Cowie H, Cherrie JW, Kennedy KJ, Esmen NA, Zimmerman SD, Buchanich JM, Marsh GM. (2017). Mortality Among Hardmetal Production Workers: UK Cohort and Nested Case-Control Studies. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 10th July (epub ahead of print)