Specialised healthcare ventilation systems ensure that sanitary, uncontaminated air flows through healthcare premises to guarantee the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

These ventilation systems require strict maintenance and testing to guarantee legal compliance is met as well as safety.

Part of the testing carried out in this process involves taking airborne and contact samples from healthcare premises to identify any hazardous risks which we perform with out microbiological sampling equipment. 

What is Microbiological Testing?

We support the microbiological testing and validation of specialised healthcare ventilation systems. This involves the enumeration of Total Viable Count (TVC), both bacterial and mould.

Airborne samples from operating theatres and other specialised healthcare premises are transferred to our partner laboratory for analysis.

We can provide reliable results in a timely fashion with expert advice from experienced microbiologists.

Other microbiology services we offer:

  • Basic identification of bacteria.
  • Identification of moulds to species level.
  • Enumeration of total count, moulds, Gram negatives, E. coli and Staphylococcus from swabs.
  • Bio-aerosol analysis for waste management sites including enumeration of total count, moulds, thermophillic Aspergillus, gram negatives, S. aureus, E. coli and Salmonella from filters.

How our experts can help:

  • Provide testing of specialised healthcare systems
  • Provide reliable reports to clients based on findings from testing
  • Offer a variety of other microbiology services

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