Formaldehyde Exposure Monitoring

Effectively monitor daily risk and future-proof worker health

A known carcinogen, Formaldehyde is a threat to workforces if not managed and controlled effectively. With no effective substitute in certain industries, the use of formaldehyde and any increased exposure risk, presents real concerns for the workplace and employees. Steps must be taken to reduce exposure to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.

A strong  culture of health and safety accountability combined with a programme of active monitoring plays a key role in reducing exposure levels. This approach allows issues to be detected early, protecting workers and ensuring your legal compliance.

Our occupational hygiene consultants help employers identify, manage and reduce exposure to formaldehyde, giving staff peace of mind their health is not under threat.

Our end-to-end formaldehyde monitoring solution

Combining a technological monitoring solution with our trusted independent expertise we offer a unique end-to-end solution.  Through measuring the effectiveness of controls whilst providing data on exposure trends and identifying immediate areas of concern, we can help health and safety managers make informed decisions and take action to protect workers.

We can support you with:

  • Informing COSHH risk assessments;
  • Ventilation checks and COSHH compliance
  • Personal exposure sampling and analysis
  • Background monitoring using sensors to support exposure data
  • Real time dashboard showing trend analysis and providing trigger alerts
  • Continual re-assurance that control measures are effective
  • Helpdesk support and advice
  • Provision of formaldehyde sensors, servicing and replacement of gas nodes when required