Our Scientists

Prof Lang Tran

Lang is Principal Computational Toxicologist in the Statistics and Toxicology Section of our Research Division. His interests include toxicology and ecotoxicology. He is an Expert Consultant on the SAFEnano Initiative and is a founding member of SnIRC.

Contact Details:

  • Principal Computational Toxicologist
  • Office: +44 (0) 131 449 8050
  • Mobile: +44 (0) 7980 738 107
  • Email: lang.tran@iom-world.org


  • BSc (Hons)
  • MSc
  • PhD

Committee and Society Memberships:

Lang is a founding member of SnIRC (www.snirc.org) the Safety of Nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Centre, a collaboration between IOM, the Universities of Edinburgh, Napier and Aberdeen and CSL. SnIRC brings together leading UK and international experts in particle toxicology, exposure, eco-toxicology and human studies/epidemiology to address nanoparticle risk issues.

Research Interests:

Lang Tran's interests include toxicology and ecotoxicology. A researcher at the forefront of particle toxicology, Lang has been heavily involved in the evolution of Nanoparticle Toxicology as a research field. He is an Expert Consultant on SAFENANO Initiative, one of the 22 DTI "Nanotechnology Centres" which has the specific remit of collecting and disseminating information and guidance on the safe use of nanomaterials.

Selected Publications:

Kermanizadeh A, Gosens I, MacCalman L, Johnston H, Danielsen PH, Jacobsen NR, Lenz A-G, Fernandes T, Schins RPF, Casse FR, Wallin H, Kreyling W, Stoeger T, Loft S, Møller P, Tran L, Stone V. (2016). A multilaboratory toxicological assessment of a panel of 10 engineered nanomaterials to human health—ENPRA Project—The highlights, limitations, and current and future challenges. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B: Critical Reviews. 30th March (epub ahead of print).

Heusinkveld HJ,  Wahle T, Campbell A,Westerink RHS, Tran L, Johnston H, Stone V, Cassee FR, Schins RPF. (2016).  Neurodegenerative and neurological disorders by small inhaled particles. NeuroToxicology; 56: 94-106. 

Hristozov D, Gottardo S, Semenzin E, Oomen A, Bos P, Peijnenburg W, van Tongeren M, Nowack B, Hunt N, Brunelli A, Scott-Fordsmand JJ, Tran L, Marcomini A. (2016). Frameworks and tools for risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials. Environment International; 95:36-53. 

Stone V, Miller MR, Clift MJ, Elder A, Mills NL, Møller P, Schins RP, Vogel U, Kreyling WG, Jensen KA, Kuhlbusch TA, Schwarze PE, Hoet P, Pietroiusti A, De Vizcaya-Ruiz A, Baeza-Squiban A, Tran CL, Cassee FR. (2016). Nanomaterials vs Ambient Ultrafine Particles: an Opportunity to Exchange Toxicology Knowledge. Environmental Health Perspectives; 13th October (epub ahead of print). Review. 

Cassano A, Marchese Robinson RL, Palczewska A, Puzyn T, Gajewicz A, Tran L, Manganelli S, Cronin MTD.  (2016).  Comparing the CORAL and Random Forest approaches for modelling the in vitro cytotpxicity of silica nanomaterials.  ATLA; 44: 533-516.