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Analysis of workplace and environmental samples is a crucial component of managing people's health and safety in the workplace and the wider environment.

We provide a large variety of analysis that supports occupational hygienists, consultants and companies that are involved in workplace monitoring for hazardous substances, asbestos surveying, site investigations, environmental monitoring and product quality assurance.

We hold UKAS accreditation for various types of analysis, please follow this link to see our accreditation.

Our service includes expert advice on sample collection and assistance in determining what to measure. Our standard turn-around time is ten working days. We are also able to offer a premium turnaround on some analysis when time really matters.


Services include:

  • Bulk asbestos identification*
  • Fibre counting by optical microscopy*
  • SEM (asbestos, other fibres, dusts)*
  • Dedicated lab for asbestos in soils*
  • GC (BTEX, other hydrocarbons)*
  • GC-MS (PAHs, PCBs, freons, etc)
  • ICP-AES (metals, elemental analysis)*
  • HPLC (isocyanates, aldehydes, hydrazine etc)*
  • Ion chromatography (acid anions and gases) 
  • PPE suit testing lab: Type 3, 4, 5 and 6 suits*
    • * Various analyses are covered by our ISO 17025 and IOM is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 0374.
Cynthia Qiu, Sourcing Manager, RBH group

We enjoy working with the IOM Laboratory because they offer a high quality and reliable service. It's why we've been working with them for years. What makes them so special though is that we deal directly with the experts. People who can answer technical questions and offer advice.

Eddie Hartrick, Imperial College London

Exceptional turnaround time and outstanding communication! The results provided have been instrumental in shaping our processes and procedures, directly influencing the day-to-day work of our lab personnel.

Gina Georgiou, M&R Asbestos

M&R Asbestos are extremely happy with IOM services. We would recommend them to anyone.

Andrew Stockton, STC Manager, Provectus

Good turnaround times on results and will proactively solve any problems. IOM helps us to prove the safe working practices of our sites when dealing with asbestos.

Richard C Topliss, Chartered Occupational Hygienist, Croft Occupational Hygiene Limited 

I frequently recommend the IOM Lab to my clients as I have full confidence in their capabilities and their honesty. It is a dependable service which consistently delivers expert analysis.

Peter Keeling, APEC Environmental

I am incredibly pleased with the service provided by Steve and David. Their helpfulness and professionalism are second to none and I would highly recommend their assistance to anyone.

Kathryn Sowerby, LEVEL Systems Limited

The technical staff were incredibly helpful via email and phone, providing excellent support with my enquiries. Highly impressed!

John Hickey, Phoenix Environmental Safety Ltd

The Laboratory team delivers a reliable and supportive service, always ready to assist.

Phil Chambers, Strategic Safety Systems Ltd.

It's always a pleasure collaborating with IOM. Their professionalism and timely responses make every interaction seamless. Whenever I've had questions or concerns, they've consistently provided thorough and satisfactory answers, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. I've found their services to be not only professional but also excellent value for money.

20 October
In partnership with the ICBA

Particles and Health 2021

  • 20 October 2021
  • Running from the 20.10.21 to 21.10.21

IOM is proud to be sponsoring the Particles and Health conference, a two day event designed for regulators and researchers to:

  • Address scientific studies regarding human health effects of PSLTs. The value of human studies over animal studies-when human-exposed populations can be studied adequately- will be emphasized.
  • Review and discuss definition of PSLT’s proposed at Edinburgh workshop and published in 2020 in the Journal Inhalation Toxicology with attention to both similarities and differences among these substances.
  • Address translational toxicology challenges, including the appropriateness of rats as models for human lung pathogenesis (particularly lung cancer) in light of lung overload phenomena and species differences.
  • Serve as a platform to present current scientific information about PSLTs important for regulatory action.
  • Publication of pertinent conference presentations in the peer reviewed scientific literature will allow the presentations to live beyond the conference and subsequently be reviewed part of regulatory deliberations.
  • Establish an interdisciplinary setting for industry, academia and regulatory professionals to interact on an important topic. Such interaction can facilitate enhanced understanding of the science and appropriate classification, labelling and setting exposure limits, among others.
  • Recommend areas for further research regarding the significance of the rat as a model for translation toxicology. 
  • Review the biokinetics of inhaled nanoparticles and the potential for non-pulmonary effects.

For more information and tickets please visit the Particles and Health website here.

Event info
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