Authorising engineer ventilation service

What is an Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation?

An Authorising Engineer is an experienced individual that takes on the responsibility for the management of health and safety guidelines as recommended by the Department of Health. The role combines skills found in engineering, building services and microbiology.

Our AE ventilation services

Too frequently, architects and designers incorrectly interpret the HTM’s (Health Technical Memoranda) and HBN’s (Health Building Note) resulting in errors in construction design and in the installation of critical ventilation systems in areas such as operating theatres. Once built, it becomes difficult and expensive to alter the layout to make it compliant.

At IOM we review designs while they are still at the planning stage and assist in making alterations to layout and ventilation requirements, before the build or refurbishment takes place. This is a relatively simple process and saves an enormous amount of time and trouble as a project progresses.

Our service therefore provides an independent consultative approach to ensure the integrity of the ventilation system is reflected in the design, positioning, and maintenance programmes.

An Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation would be expected to carry out the following tasks:


  • Appointment/selection of Authorising Person (AP)
  • Reviewing validation/verification documentation and methods
  • Audit of ventilation systems
  • Assisting hospital in prioritising programme of improvements and development of a five-year plan
  • Review of training requirements for Authorising Persons and Competent Persons
  • Provide training
  • Review and approve ventilation project designs

Our services are available to a wide rage of healthcare facilities and organisations in both the public and private sector. Our in-house Chartered Engineers can provide knowledge, training, auditing and monitoring to ensure the required procedures and standards are being met.

How our experts can help:

  • Take on the responsibility for the management of health and safety guidelines as recommended by the Department of Health.
  • Support the design, validation and verification of ventilation systems within hospital and associated healthcare environments.
  • Provide an independent consultative approach to ensure the integrity of the ventilation system is reflected in the design, positioning, and maintenance programmes.
  • Provide training


We provide an Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation Service to a number of hospitals within both the public and private sectors, via our in-house Chartered Engineer / Member of IHEEM.

For more information on Authorising Engineer (AE) Ventilation services please contact: Jerry Slann, 01785 333201, or complete our contact form below.

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20 October
In partnership with the ICBA

Particles and Health 2021

  • 20 October 2021
  • Running from the 20.10.21 to 21.10.21

IOM is proud to be sponsoring the Particles and Health conference, a two day event designed for regulators and researchers to:

  • Address scientific studies regarding human health effects of PSLTs. The value of human studies over animal studies-when human-exposed populations can be studied adequately- will be emphasized.
  • Review and discuss definition of PSLT’s proposed at Edinburgh workshop and published in 2020 in the Journal Inhalation Toxicology with attention to both similarities and differences among these substances.
  • Address translational toxicology challenges, including the appropriateness of rats as models for human lung pathogenesis (particularly lung cancer) in light of lung overload phenomena and species differences.
  • Serve as a platform to present current scientific information about PSLTs important for regulatory action.
  • Publication of pertinent conference presentations in the peer reviewed scientific literature will allow the presentations to live beyond the conference and subsequently be reviewed part of regulatory deliberations.
  • Establish an interdisciplinary setting for industry, academia and regulatory professionals to interact on an important topic. Such interaction can facilitate enhanced understanding of the science and appropriate classification, labelling and setting exposure limits, among others.
  • Recommend areas for further research regarding the significance of the rat as a model for translation toxicology. 
  • Review the biokinetics of inhaled nanoparticles and the potential for non-pulmonary effects.

For more information and tickets please visit the Particles and Health website here.

Event info
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