Asbestos services

We are a leader in Asbestos Lab Analysis, Asbestos in Soils Consultancy, Asbestos Retrospective Risk Assessment, Asbestos Awareness Training, and Asbestos Expert Witness services.

Understanding Asbestos

OM is here to support you in understanding and solving your asbestos related issues. With the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating 125 million people around the world are exposed to asbestos each year in the workplace and 107,000* dying each year from related disease it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously.  

Especially given that the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) puts deaths caused by exposure at three times previous estimates+. 

At IOM, we have made important advances in understanding how asbestos causes disease, leading to the establishment of methods for assessing possible hazard from fibrous materials.  

We offer testing of suspect materials for the presence of asbestos. We can assist clients in complying with current asbestos legislation by undertaking a review of policies and procedures. We can undertake an assessment of the risk in your workplace both now and from past exposures. This will allow you to take appropriate action to reduce those risks and ensure that your workforce is protected from harm. We can also provide asbestos awareness training so your staff understand the risks, how to protect themselves and others, what to do when there is accidental damage to asbestos containing materials and thus be proactive in managing the risk. 

How our experts can help:

  • Asbestos risk assessments
  • Asbestos lab analysis
  • Consultancy for asbestos in soils
  • Awareness training
  • Asbestos expert witness services

Contact our team directly to find out more about the Asbestos Services we offer and how IOM can support you. 

What our clients say:

'Many thanks to you and your colleagues for your assiduous efforts to respond on the asbestos issue. They have indeed gone 'above and beyond'. Such health and safety advice is invaluable…………Highest Commendations…'
Bruce Currey, Clackmannan


* International Labour Organization 

+ ‘Eliminating occupational cancer in Europe and globally’ 

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