Remote Indoor Air Quality Sensors and Analysis

Improve your employees protection with continual monitoring. 24hr air monitoring offers added reassurance, ensuring that working environments are always safe and healthy.

Our indoor air quality sensors and analysis give you a deeper understanding of the workplace. They can highlight problem areas and help provide solutions to make the working environment safer, healthier and compliant. 

We do this through remote monitoring systems which are continuously collecting data about the environment. This allows us to understand and track how different measurements change, whilst our team of occupational hygienists interpret the data; alerting you when measurements show potentially unsafe levels of exposure and providing incisive solutions. 

Pollution, inadequate airflow and airborne contaminants may contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, known for being detrimental to productivity and negatively impacting staff health. 

IOM is your partner. Providing you with reassurance and expert guidance to ensure that the right data is collected and the right conclusions are drawn. Our remote indoor air quality sensors and analysis gives you a deeper understanding of your environment and can be combined with our more traditional sampling and laboratory services to give you a full understanding and overview of your workplace. 

We are able to remotely measure the following parameters: 

  • Temperature 
  • Relative Humidity 
  • Carbon Monoxide 
  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Nitrogen Dioxide 
  • Sulphur Dioxide 
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds 
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Airborne Particulates 
  • Ozone
  • Barometric Pressure 

Our expert interpretation and investigation of the results will identify any issues or concerns. Where required, this can then be supported with additional in-person monitoring and advice on the installation of further control measures.

Give your staff 24hr protection with remote indoor air quality and analysis from IOM. Get in touch today.