Helena Copsey

Insights and Innovation Analyst

Helena is a Insights and Innovation Analyst in IOM’s Research Group. Her background is in Microbiology and Philosophy, with a particular interest in public health and the interconnection of science and society. Prior to joining IOM, Helena worked on various projects investigating the relationship between the human microbiome and cancer, the potential of AI to analyse academic literature and the social and scientific impacts of COVID-19.

Within IOM she contributes to a range of projects across various fields such as toxicology and risk analysis. She thoroughly enjoys investigating the diverse range of topics and learning various approaches to research. This further aligns with her goals of integrating a more holistic approach to science and scientific research to improve human health.


Contact Details:


  • BSc/BA Microbiology and Philosophy

Research Interests

  • The human microbiome
  • Science communication and creativity
  • Microplastics and nanoplastics
  • Well-being and the environment