Nanosafety and risk assessment projects

IOM:SAFENANO is one of the leading organisations in Europe involved in nanosafety and risk assessment projects, having been coordinators or partners in a diverse range of major Framework Programme projects focused on the development of fundamental knowledge regarding the hazard, exposure and risks of nanomaterials.

As both an SME and research organisation, we have unique and extensive experience with the potential risks from particles, platelets and fibres invaluable to the assessment of novel advanced materials.  Our laboratory, workplace instruments and Standards-based approach is of proven utility in assessing and mitigating hazards, exposures and risks across the life cycles and value chains of technological innovation.


  • Nanosafety assessments across the life cycle stages
  • Workplace exposure measurements using state-of-the-art instruments
  • Research into exposure by inhalation, skin contact and ingestion and their impacts on health
  • Exposure modelling (workplace consumer and/or community exposure)
  • Laboratory simulation of particle release
  • In vitrotoxicity testing
  • Prediction of health impacts and advice following accidental exposures to hazardous substances
  • Risk assessment (workplace, consumer and/or environmental exposure to chemicals)
  • Advice and validation of risk management measures
  • Strategy and policy advice
  • Advice on regulatory compliance

H2020: service card is available to download here

Innovate UK:  service card is available to download here.

Our current and past projects: