Material Characterisation

We provide a large variety of analysis to characterise their materials. For more information on the wider lab services IOM provide click here.

  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) by laser diffraction, both dry powder and wet dispersion.
  • Calculated SWFF (size weighted fine fraction) / Size Weighted Respirable Fraction (SWeRF) analysis, including crystalline silica specific SWFF/SWeRF in mixtures for CLP;
  • Dustiness evaluation;
  • Morphology and elemental sample analysis (SEM/EDXS);
  • Chemical analysis, including trace metal content (ICP-AES, SEM/EDXS) and PAH content (GC-MS);
  • Dynamic light scatting (DLS) for particle size, zeta-potential and molecular weight analysis;
  • Moisture and bulk density determination;
  • Biodurability/dissolution assessment;
  • Particle density by helium pycnometry;
  • Other specialist characterisation (e.g. TEM, FT-IR, XPS, SIMS, Raman);
  • Aerosolisation and size-fractionation for the characterisation of respirable particles based on aerodynamic size;
  • Sample collection for inhalation-based toxicity assessment.

SAFENANO has the capability to simulate and characterise common handling processes under controlled conditions. We also undertake bespoke method development for providing characterisation data to support safety data sheets (SDSs), product validation, and regulatory compliance in the absence of established methods.

To discuss your specific requirements in more detail, please contact us.