IOM supports a major new initiative on workplace cancer


Exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) could cause around half a million deaths in Europe over the next 60 years if nothing further is done to protect workers

We believe that urgent steps are needed by industry to control RCS exposures to the lowest levels feasible. To this end we have been working with a new cross-industry group on an agreed plan of action that will pool the knowledge and resources of some of the key organisations involved in managing the risks of RCS, with the aim of achieving three principal objectives: 

1. To work together to reduce exposure to RCS through effective monitoring and management of dust

2. To increase awareness and understanding of the potential health risks associated with exposure to RCS in order to change attitudes and behaviours 

3. To share good practice on the management of RCS across industry sectors

Further information is contained in the document published by IOSH as part of their No Time To Lose campaign. 

February 4th is World Cancer Day. It is time to make a difference and work together with others to make a safer healthier work environment.

If you need any advice about RCS or how you can better control the risks in your workplace then contact Sheila Groat ([email protected]) on 0131 449 8064.