EU Occupational Health and Safety Directive Reports published


The European Commission have now published all of the reports prepared by a multinational team (of which IOM was a part) following a major evaluation of all EU Occupational Health and Safety Directives

The team examined the collective influence of all 24 Directives, as well as carrying out a detailed appraisal of the individual provisions of each of the 24.  We examined the extent to which they had been implemented in each member country; what evidence there was for their effectiveness; and their current and expected future relevance.  Where appropriate, recommendations were made for where Directives could be updated or amended to better meet OSH needs going forwards.  As well as the project reports, the Commission have also published their own findings following on from this as part of the Commission's Regulatory Fitness (REFIT) Programme. 

The IOM was proud to be part of this evaluation and to have contributed to this exercise which should help to enhance occupational safety and health protection within the EU in years to come.