Changes to PPE Regulation creates new opportunities

On 6 April 2022 the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) came into force. Whilst the duty of the 1992 regulations remain for contracted employees, the scope has been extended to include limb workers (such as casual workers and those who work under a contract for service). This regulatory change extends previous employers’ and employees’ duties regarding personal protective equipment (PPE).

As an employer if you suspect PPE is required you must:

  • Understand the employment status of all workers in your business so you know who if affected by the change.
  • Review the requirements for PPE, making sure it is the last line of defence for risk control after all other control measures have been put in place.
  • Carry out a PPE suitability assessment and provide the PPE free of charge.
  • Ensure their workers have sufficient information, instruction and training on the use of PPE
  • Ensure responsibility for the maintenance, storage and replacement of any PPE provided.

Equally, workers now have a duty to use the PPE in accordance with their training and instruction.

What this means for employers:

You can use this regulatory change to assess your risk to employees and make sure that where PPE is required by employees as part of their risk assessment, they are trained and instructed in its use, care and know how to report damage or obtain replacements.

PPER 1992 places a duty on every employer in Great Britain to ensure that suitable PPE is provided to ‘employees’ who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work.

PPER 2022 extends this duty to limb workers. Employers need to carefully consider whether the changes to UK law apply to them and their workforce and make the necessary preparations to comply.

It is important, when selecting PPE, that the right choices are made as getting it wrong can introduce other issues. IOM is here to help employers and employees, using our team of experts to assess the risk and control measures required to ensure the safety of all involved.

This is your opportunity to review your current need for RPE and ensure your workforce is protected.

Get in touch and we can ensure that you’re complying with the changes in regulation.