27.04.22 Occupational health

IOM Insight: More Asbestos regulation and inspections incoming

With a dramatic increase in the disturbance of asbestos due to retrofitting of public and domestic buildings the Work and Pensions Committee want to make changes to government policy. The committee, advised by IOM’s John Cherrie, has called for more inspections, more regulation and a complete removal of asbestos from buildings in 40 years. 

For industry this is advanced warning to ensure that asbestos management measures are being followed to the letter of the law. Particularly given that the committee was unimpressed by the drop in HSE enforcement notices over the last 6 years. Suggesting that more may be coming. 

In terms of what those regulator changes will look like, it will be largely determined by more research and data collection by HSE and others. With an urgent need to improve evidence concerning safer asbestos removal and disposal, including exploration of the relative costs and benefits. As well as a more structured approach to data collection on exposure levels. 

Read the full report from The Work and Pensions Committee here.  https://www.iom-world.org/media/2047/hc560-press-notice.pdf

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