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Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella testing and training services

Legionella risk assessment on a large water tank

We assist organisations in meeting their regulatory obligations in relation to building-related risks such as legionella.

Legionella bacteria are found in many naturally occurring water systems, such as streams and lakes, but if they grow within water supply systems associated with residential buildings, factories, offices and other places of work, they can present a risk to health. Should such contaminated water become airborne e.g. as an aerosol; exposed persons may develop Legionnaires' disease or associated conditions.

There is a legal requirement to assess your water systems and determine the level of associated risk. This is particularly important where more vulnerable persons may be present, e.g. in social housing. The assessment should include identifying and assessing sources of risk; preparing a scheme to prevent or control risk; a review of the water systems, as well as implementing, managing and monitoring the recommended precautionary measures.

IOM can provide the above services in conjunction with advice on the appropriate management procedures and requirement to keep records through the following:

  • L8 compliant Legionella risk assessments.
  • Legionella surveys.
  • Legionella management policy.
  • Water testing.
  • Training.

For more information on Legionella risk assessments please contact us.