TAPHIA project: The first annual meeting held


The project is a joint partnership between MAHIDOL University and other Thai partners in collaboration with the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Heriot-Watt University in the UK

The UK team from the IOM and Heriot-Watt University welcomed Assoc. Prof. Kraichat Tantrakarnapa, Dr Kanchana Nakhapakorn, Dr Narut Sahanavin and Nopadol Precha from Bangkok.

John Cherrie opened the first day of meetings with a talk about the health outcomes associated with air pollutants, both those that are widely accepted by the scientific community and other more emergent associations.

The midday discussions focused on project development and team training for the critical use of the 'health impact assessment' for air pollution.

Susanne Steinle closed first-day proceedings by discussing plans for the air pollution measurements.

The second day of meetings kicked off with Kraichat Tantrakarnapa presenting data from the recent “haze” episodes in Bangkok. Followed by Will Mueller discussing the national air quality data from the Thailand Pollution Control Department. Kanchana Nakhapakorn showed results from an initial GIS analysis looking at air pollution across Thailand.

As well as team discussions the final day of meetings focused on forwarding planning and the necessary project milestones. The second annual meeting will take place in Thailand in 2019.

The UK Medical Research Council and the Thai Research Fund has provided a grant to fund for the project.

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Susanne is part of the Operations team whose overarching remit is to provide project, business development, operational, administrative and financial support and information to the Research team and internal stakeholders. Her role covers various tasks including the management of research equipment, management of projects on NetSuite, market research and business development.

Susanne is also involved in various projects across the research team, for example work has included: efficiency testing of respiratory protective equipment (diesel emissions and volcanic ash) and various mask materials during the Covid pandemic in a laboratory environment. Susanne’s work also involves occupational exposure and she has visited paint companies and boat yards to collect exposure measurements (chemicals and nanomaterials).

Susanne is also an active member of IOM’s Health & Safety Committee representing the Research team.

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  • BOHS W501 “Measurement of Hazardous Substances”

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  • Human exposure to environmental contaminants
  • Industrial and occupational exposure
  • Quality management
  • H&S at work