Workplace Health Expert Committee Open Meeting


The Workplace Health Expert Committee (WHEC) is an HSE independent expert scientific committee providing advice to HSE about the scientific and medical evidence on workplace health issues

Further information about the WHEC is available at:

The Committee will hold an Open Meeting on 7th November 2016. It will take place at a venue in central London during the afternoon (2 – 3.30 pm). You will be able to book a place to participate and discuss relevant topics with members of the committee. Please note that WHEC cannot address individual health concerns. Spaces are limited therefore you must register your interest if you want to attend. Admission is free and by entry ticket only. It would be appreciated if you would send in any questions before the meeting. 

if you would like to attend, please send an email by 17th October 2016 with your name, name of the organisation, email address, telephone number and any advance questions to

Prof Martie van Tongeren and Prof John Cherrie from IOM are both members of the WHEC.

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