We pay thanks to our CEOs


In the final week of Dr Phil Woodhead's tenure as IOM's CEO, we were delighted to see (for the very first time), all three most recent CEO's together for a very unusual photograph.

Representing our leadership at the IOM for the last 38 (yes, thirty eight years!), Phil, who of course, leaves us this week was joined by Prof Anthony Seaton (CEO from 1978-90, pictured right) and Dr Colin Soutar (1990-2005, pictured left).

The organisation has evolved tremendously during Phil's tenure as CEO, including the establishment of SAFENANO in 2006 and our first overseas office in Singapore in 2012. In addition, Phil has overseen significant growth in IOM's research, consulting and services work which pays testament to his popular management style and ability to effectively guide IOM throughout this time.

On behalf of everyone at IOM, we would like to thank Phil for your leadership, guidance, success and support over the last twelve years and we wish you a very long, healthy and happy retirement.