13.04.21 Ergonomics

IOM shares insights about working from home with UK Health Radio

Covid-enforced working from home has become a reality for many in the face of the pandemic. CEO Nathan Baker and Research Psychologist Alice Davis spoke on UK Health Radio about what this means for both employees and employers. Listen here for the full interview as host Mike Dilke explores questions such as; how to ensure workers emotional needs are taken care of, how employers can drive more productivity and reduce presentism and what can be done to support  achievement of a healthy work life balance                                                                                                                   .

The radio segment provokes a lot of thought around working from home, but what help is there for employers? Particularly those who will continue to have staff working from home through choice as restrictions across the country are lifted.

The IOM has experts such as Alice on hand who can offer guidance to ensure your staff continue to be effective and productive in their chosen work environment. Such guidance might include, for example:

  • Positively managing technology
  • Maintaining a positive work life balance
  • Effective and safe working practices
  • Assessment and use of display screen equipment for home working
  • How to support, supervise and manage workers who work across multiple locations

If you have any questions around what was raised in the UK Health Radio segment please contact Alice here.