Occupational Health Awareness Week 2021

IOM is proud to be supporting Occupational Health Awareness Week 2021. The awareness week has been set up by the Society of Occupational Medicine to promote the value of Occupational Health (OH) to employers and the wider community as well as raising the profile of OH as a career. 

Occupational Health is a multi-disciplinary approach to maintaining the wellbeing of those employed in a workplace preventing, and removing ill-health and developing solutions to help staff with health issues stay at work. A key part of that is Occupational Hygiene which creates a healthy environment for staff to operate in by reducing and removing potential hazards. 

The work of Occupational Health and Hygiene professionals is often overlooked, but it is vital in creating safe working conditions for millions worldwide. These professionals tackle everything from ventilation to vapours. At IOM, for example, our staff work with hospitals to reduce the spread of disease with healthcare ventilation testing. We also help companies to understand the risks of new and novel materials so that when it comes to working with them the proper safeguards are in place. 

Our work saves lives and makes life easier for hundreds of people across the UK. It’s why we believe the impact of Occupational Health and Hygiene needs to be more widely understood. 
Find out more about IOM’s Occupational Hygiene work here or post your own OH story with #OHAW21.