A responsible approach to nanosafety is essential, to ensure the sustainability of nanotechnology. There is clear need and benefit to researchers, workers and stakeholders for health and safety measures to seamlessly accompany the development of nanotechnology processes and products.  

Our research and partnership in projects provides this by showing due consideration of the risks and benefits to ensure the safety of nanotechnology across the full product life cycle, from production, through use, to disposal and recycling. SAFENANO research brings together our team’s multidisciplinary expertise in collaborative work with industry and other organisations in order to help identify and address any likely health hazards and risks from nanotechnologies.

Our research encompasses the development, evaluation and dissemination of new knowledge about toxicology, exposure and risk as well as application of that emerging knowledge though targeted environmental health and safety (EHS) work packages in innovation led materials, process or application development projects.

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Our expertise

Multidisciplinary expertise in hazard assessment, exposure, toxicology, occupational hygiene, material characterisation and risk assessment to provide independent, authoritative consultancy on risk and safety.

Our on:

  • Occupational and consumer exposure assessment (measurement & modelling);
  • Hazard and toxicity assessment (laboratory testing & computational methods);
  • Risk assessment and risk management;
  • Biosensor development;
  • Risk governance;
  • Databases. 

We have provided independent expertise on the development of frameworks for the human health risk assessment of nanomaterials and have built an international research reputation in the field of nanosafety.

We are an invited expert on (Nanotechnologies) and are represented on OECD WPMN working groups and British Standards Institute committees, as well as being an active member of the EU-US nanoEHS Communities of Research and the EU Nano-Safety Cluster.

Our experts are recognised internationally as leading thinkers in their subject areas. In many cases, our people have made it their life’s work to uphold our values, and that’s an essential part of how we deliver our mission of providing a healthy and sustainable world.

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Collaborate with us

Our approach combines expertise and state-of-art techniques to identify and characterise exposure scenarios, conduct toxicity evaluations, develop nanobiosensors and undertake risk assessments to identify, and estimate the relative safety of nanoparticles and nanoforms.  Our authoritative, multidisciplinary activities help industry and other organisations identify and address any likely health hazards and risks from chemical exposures in their workplaces and products, following a “safety-by-design” principle.

As both an SME and research organisation, we have unique and extensive experience with the potential risks from particles and fibres invaluable to the assessment of novel advanced materials.  Our laboratory, workplace instruments and standards-based approach is of proven utility in assessing and mitigating hazards, exposures and risks across the life cycles and value chains of technological innovation. 

IOM/SAFENANO has a track record in coordinating and delivering safety and risk work packages tasked with developing and validating responsible practice in R&D, manufacturing and applications across a variety of sectors including advanced composites, energy storage, coatings & paints, and packaging, amongst others.

To find out more about our research at IOM visit our website or contact us.

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