Musculoskeletal disorders prevalence, prevention and policy: what have we learnt?


Hear from Dr Richard Graveling, IOM's Principal Ergonomist in session 1 - MSDs: from research to policy and practice.

In 2017, EU-OSHA started a multiannual research programme on work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). A range of projects have been carried out within the programme, resulting in various outputs, ranging from research reports and expert articles to practical tools and a database of MSDs-related resources.

This webinar presents some key findings from this MSDs research, undertaken by EU-OSHA with the support of external experts. The webinar wraps up the research work and the results carry forward into EU-OSHA’s 2020-22 Healthy Workplaces Campaign on MSDs. 


Welcome and introduction by Christa Sedlatschek, EU-OSHA Executive Director
Setting the scene: what is the issue with MSDs in Europe?
Session 1 - MSDs: from research to policy and practice 
Session 2 - Working with chronic MSDs: how workplaces can support individuals
Session 3 - Psychosocial risks and MSDs: what do we know?
Session 4 - Panel - MSDs, occupations, sectors and workforce diversity: MSDs prevention in agriculture; Health care sector and MSDs; MSDs and gender; Avoiding prolonged sitting
End of the conference