NanoTox 2021


Is a forum aimed at personnel from research and academic institutions as well as from industry, governmental agencies, and other relevant organisations.

NanoTox2021 will welcome over 400 delegates with international experts from Europe, the United States and Asia confirmed as speakers. Topics will include; Nanotechnology, Hazard and risk assessment of nanomaterials and advanced materials, and their governance, Alternative methods for nanomaterial hazard testing, release and exposure. Safe(r) by design (SbD) of nanomaterials and advanced materials.

The 2021 Conference is jointly organised by three leading EU Horizon 2020 Projects, focusing on the development of novel tools for evaluating human and environmental hazard, and strategies for nanomaterial characterisation, classification, grouping and read-across for risk analysis – BIORIMA, PATROLS and GRACIOUS.

NanoTox 2021 Keynote speakers are:

Professor Chunying Chen, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China
Professor Bengt Fadeel, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
Dr Helinor Johnston, Heriot Watt University
Prof.dr. Martina Vijver, Leiden University

Registration is now open, please click here to Register Now and book your place for NanoTox 2021.

Abstract Submission will be open on the 1st September 2020.

Abstract Themes

Abstracts can be submitted under any of the 6 themes below:

1. Hazard Characterisation of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
2. Alternative Methods for Nanomaterial Hazard Testing
3. Release and Exposure to Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
4. Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials, and their Governance
5. Safe(r) by Design (SbD) of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
6. Open Topics


Delegates can be reassured that the Scottish and UK Governments along with international colleagues at the World Health Organisation have been working in close collaboration to monitor and manage the situation here in the UK.

The Organisers of NanoTox 2021 will adhere to the advice of the Scottish and UK Government and World Health Organisation and will provide an update to delegates if anything evolves. Attendees from outside the UK should make themselves aware of advice from the Scottish and UK Governments, keep up to date, and follow the advice, the following link maybe of interest.

Health Protection Scotland
UK Government Foreign & Commonwealth Office

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the conference team by email at who will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further updates if the situation changes.

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