IOM’s Customer Service Results in 2020


This year has been like no other, and our business has endured the same economic pressures as most. Our staff have made sacrifices to continue doing their jobs to provide high-quality, impartial research, consultancy, laboratory analysis and workplace protection services and training.

We have been at the forefront of scientific research to understand and mitigate a range of occupational and environmental health risks. These include coal dust, asbestos, carbon nanotubes, air pollution and now Coronavirus. We seek to bring about an improved understanding of the factors affecting human health and to identify, promote and apply practices which will lead to improvements in the health of workers and the wider population.

Excellence in customer service is central to all our activities, and we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs.

Each year we ask our customers to take part in our annual survey, this helps us to measure the value we add and make improvements where necessary. This year we received our highest response yet, and we would like to share some of the results. 

We asked customers to rate their level of satisfaction with the following;

  • Our scientific and technical quality: 90% excellent rating.
  • If our work was delivered within agreed timescales: 80% excellent rating.
  • If our communications was prompt and effective: 82% excellent rating.
  • Reporting format including clarity of results and findings: 85% excellent rating.
  • Help, advice and technical input: 86% excellent rating.
  • Value for more services was rated as 59% excellent and 37% good.

Our Net Promotor Score (NPS) was rated as 81.
Detractors 1%
Passives 16%
Promotors 83%

To all our clients and partners, thank you for choosing IOM as your workplace protection partner of choice and thank you for submitting feedback. To read more about our customer charter, please click here.

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