Sotiris Vardoulakis reports on the global challenges research fund partnership development


The highly successful meetings gathered together a network of collaborators, to discuss policy priorities, research needs, and local capacity and capability requirements while also engaging with local stakeholders

The meetings are a vital milestone for IOM and reinforce the institute’s commitment to developing and progressing inter-disciplinary research on clean air, low carbon development to influence policies aiming to reduce air pollution and improve health in targeted megacities in low and middle-income countries. This highlights IOM’s strong commitment to working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sotiris comments, “I recently read a think piece that said, breathing clean air is a democratic right, this resonates because breathing clean air is so fundamental for everybody’s health. To protect future generations, we must tackle this public health problem; I believe that developing effective strategies within global cities is the first step in many and I am pleased with the progress made during the meetings with our collaborators in India and China.”