Asbestos Awareness Week 2018


Asbestos has been used for decades as an inexpensive industrial material. It has been recognised for more than 50 years that exposure can cause serious diseases including cancer and asbestosis.

Use of asbestos is nowbanned in most countries. However, even where use is not allowed, asbestos can still be present in buildings, industrial plants, ships. Etc. Those considered most at risk now are workers who may disturb asbestos materials during repair, maintenance and refurbishment work.

It is therefore essential that the dangers of exposure to airborne asbestos are understood by all those who may come in contact with it, and those who manage such work, with systems in place to protect themselves and others.

Ways to prevent exposure

IOM holds regular courses that train attendees to identify, manage and understand the legal requirements of asbestos-contaminated materials.

Upcoming course and dates are:

Asbestos Awareness - 1 May 2018
Asbestos in Soils - 16 May 2018

Get involved

The 'No Time to Lose' campaign from IOSH, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, aims to get the causes of occupational cancer better understood and help businesses take action.

The website has free resources and businesses can pledge their support to engage their workforce and stakeholders.