Sentencing Guidelines - An Update


Earlier this year, there was an important change in the sentencing guidelines for offences in regards to duties under Health and Safety Regulations

We feel it is important to bring this to your attention. The finacial penalties are now significantly higher, reinforcing the need for particular stringency in the implementation of health and safety at work. 

Fines that would have been about £20,000 may now be about £1 million. One of the factors is the level of risk that harm will eventuate, and that can take the fine category down by several hundred thousand pounds (from harm category 1 to harm category 2 or 3).  The level of fines also depend on the size (turnover) of the business. 

This appears to be a new incentive for businesses to ensure that they do not fail in their duties to manage health at work, asbestos, food hygiene and workplace exposures properly. To read the document explaining the new levels, click here