Unmasking the health and safety monsters in your workplace

Is your workplace safe? You may think so, but do you know that hidden from plain sight all around you could possibly lurk deadly health threats?

Over time, these unseen killers quietly endanger your employees’ health and safety, potentially leading to severe if not fatal consequences.

The damage they cause is not just physical but financial too, costing your business thousands in sick leave, reduced productivity, and possible compliance fines.

Understanding, unmasking, and addressing these dangers is critical to your business and your employees, so what are they?

From black mould, aspergillus, and paint lead to asbestos and respirable crystalline silica, we have put together this Halloween-themed infographic outlining the threats that five of the biggest hazards pose. We look at how exposure occurs, the individuals who are most at risk and what the resulting health impact is.

Easy to digest, discuss, and share with colleagues and staff, it will help your organisation as it takes proactive and decisive steps to ensure a safer working environment. 

You are not alone in facing them however.

IOM is here. We offer comprehensive sampling and testing services from our UKAS accredited laboratory along with expert advice and recommendations from our occupational hygienists and research team. So that together we can make your workplace safer, healthier, and more secure for everyone.

Don’t let these monsters hide in the shadows, give us a call today and banish them for good!