What if we got people protection in construction right?

Health and safety in the construction sector is only half the battle of protecting the workforce. Research shows that between 2019-2020, 9,000 construction workers died in industry related events and exposure to environmental hazards. Compared to the 40 from accidents. It’s clear that the immediate threats have been heavily mitigated but what of the longer term health risks? How can they be addressed? 

Speaking at Futurebuild, IOM's CEO Nathan Baker along with Rebecca Canham (Principal Scientist in Human Factors at IOM) and Fiona King (Head of Occupational Health & Wellbeing at HS2).

The panel spoke about:

  • The impact on wider society of improved workplace health and the impact improvements have on infrastructure
  • Taking a holistic approach to worker health along with organisational alignment by looking at home and work factors
  • Generating insights from the workers themselves to solve problems 
  • Examples such as noise data and building site design where changes can reduce stress and improve health
  • Influencing regulation and encouraging best practice across the industry 
  • The role of psychological safety in making conversations and behaviours acceptable
  • Collecting and using data (across projects and from other sectors) to create a complete picture of the challenges the industry faces
  • The creation of channels to anonymously feedback and address issues seen in the workplace

Watch the full session below:

If you have any questions about either the panel discussion or how you can improve your environment to better protect your people then get in touch.