SHW Live report: What long term threat to worker safety is currently being ignored?

Seeking to better understand the long term threats to our workforce, the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), as part of the Safety Health and Wellbeing Live conference, explored what long term threat to worker safety is currently being ignored.

The report explores the key themes of:

  • The impact of flexible, transient and lone working
  • Culture
  • Sick building syndrome and respiratory illness
  • Justifying the investment into safety

From that comes a stunning conclusion, that the biggest threat we are ignoring isn’t a hazard but is a lack of understanding by leadership. A threat that we are able to challenge and influence within our own organisation.

Read the report to understand more.

Or if you want to discuss the report with us we will be at SHW Live - Farnborough International on the 28th and 29th of September. Tickets are free and you can register here. 

Health and Safety Industry Insight What long term threat is currently being ignored final.pdf