01.01.19 #IOM50

1969 - 2019: 50 years of IOM

The world around us has changed a lot in the last half a century both positively and negatively.

From the advances in technology and medicine helping us to live healthier and longer lives to the devastating effects of global warming and urbanisation on the natural environment.

Our work has contributed to improving the lives of people all around the world from people’s health and safety at work, at home and in the environment.

From the day we were founded we have strived to give science a purpose, a purpose to see the world become a better place to live and work.

Now celebrating our 50th anniversary, we are opening our doors and sharing some of our achievements and contributions to science and the wider world around us.

IOM believes that with purpose anything is possible. 

During 2019 we will be demonstrating the 50 ways IOM has used science to deliver the purpose it was founded on...

‘To improve people’s health and safety at work, at home and in the environment through excellent independent science.’  

As a registered Scottish Charity (No.SC000365) our charitable aims are: 

  1. To carry out research into occupational and environmental health.
  2. To publish and communicate the findings of our research.
  3. To lead the advancement of education in these fields.
  4. To provide independent advice and guidance on occupational and environmental health matters.

In line with our charitable aims; to publish, communicate and educate, we have commissioned 50 posters, that combine art and science. An artist has made their own interpretations of our work spanning the last 50 years.

Within this blog we will present our posters and the stories behind them, you will be able to download posters and save the full collection.

The collection will be released part way through the year so keep checking this blog and our social channels for the latest works.