An expert point of view

IOM scientists have provided expert testimony in occupational disease civil litigation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, providing independent assessments and opinions to support the litigants. IOM experts work for many of the UK’s leading firms of solicitors and have established a reputation for independence, integrity and authority.

The collective expertise of IOM has been used in several hundred cases utilising the expertise of senior consultants with many years of experience in occupational hygiene, epidemiology, ergonomics, asbestos fibre concentration measurement, retrospective risk assessment, and the development of hygiene standards.

Expert advice and testimony from IOM consultants has also been provided to the court on historical working practices, past exposures and date of knowledge across a wide range of problems including asbestos-related diseases, other respiratory diseases, occupational cancer, dermatitis, musculoskeletal injury, human factors and accident investigation.

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