Nanomaterials Awareness

Nanomaterials Awareness

Location: UK
Duration: 0.5 day


Nanomaterials have applications in electronics, healthcare, cosmetics, and other areas. The potential risks of working with and using nanomaterials have been widely recognised, as has the need for safe working practices. Every employer has duty-of-care responsibilities to assess and manage the risks presented in the workplace. This awareness course is based on the current knowledge of nanomaterial risks highlighted in internationally recognized best practice (e.g. ISO, OECD), combined with approaches that are used by leading nanomaterial research institutions.


To provide participants with an understanding of the potential risks of nanomaterials and current knowledge of how these can be managed.

Who should attend?

This short course is suitable for anyone with an interest in nanomaterial risks and what to do about them. In particular, those involved in the manufacture and use of nanomaterials including material developers and manufacturers as well as people from companies who use nanomaterial-enabled products such as sprays and coatings.

The course would also be of interest to researchers working with nanomaterials as well as Safety and Health Professionals who need to carry out risk assessments and provide EHS support. Others who provide policy support will also find this informative.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to nanomaterials
  2. Potential risks of nanomaterials
  3. Current approaches to managing the risks of nanomaterials


Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance in ‘Nanomaterials Awareness’.


Price is £250 per person. This is an open (public) course and may be subject to minimum numbers attending.