IOM and SOM Series of Training Courses: Manage Musculoskeletal Disorders at Work

IOM and SOM Series of Training Courses: Manage Musculoskeletal Disorders at Work

Location: The Principal Hotel York
Duration: 1 day


Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the biggest causes of work-related sickness absence in the UK.  Apart from the human cost in terms of impact on work and life, bad backs, sore necks and shoulders and painful upper limbs together form a massive drain on any employer’s resources.

This course will explain what MSDs are, helping to clear some of the jargon (RSI, WRULDs, CTDs, etc) and explain what is known about what causes them and how work can play a part.  Whether a condition has been caused by work or not, it is important to understand how work can at least provoke symptoms and to have some idea of how to change workplaces to avoid this.  Both industrial and office workplaces will be considered.

Not all MSDs are preventable – with some resulting from degenerative or other changes (e.g. some ULDs can be related to the menopause).  Part of the course will therefore focus not on their prevention but on reducing their impact, enabling the employee to remain in useful work with minimal pain and discomfort.

By the end of the course an attendee should:

  • Know what the main MSDs are;
  • Have some understanding of what causes them;
  • Appreciate the role of ergonomic design in preventing them or reducing their impact;
  • Have some guidance on altering workstations to avoid MSDs or reduce their impact;
  • Understand how best to manage those with long-lasting or intractable problems.


Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance on completion.


SOM Members, the price is £175.00 + VAT per person.

Non SOM Members, the price is £265.00 + VAT per person. 

This is an open (public) course and may be subject to minimum numbers attending.