Using SART - The Database Re-Linking Utility

Clicking Settings from the SART opening menu, or clicking Re-Link Data Source from the Database Utilities menu will open up the SART Data Configuration Form, as shown below.

The SART application is divided into two essential parts, comprised of two separate Access files:

  1. The front-end (FE) file - contains the the application component that runs the user interface parts of the application and;
  2. the back-end (BE) file - contains the data storage component that stores the actual data for the organisations, employees, absences and so on).

The front end needs to link to the back end so that it can connect to the actual data.

This re-linking form allows users to re-link the front-end to the back-end when the files ahve been moved or installed to different locations than the standard set-up. This should not be needed for general use but may be invoked when the database has been moved to new location and data cannot at first be located by the front-end application.


The re-linker will re-link automatically to a back-end database that is found in the same folder as the front end. If the back-end is not found in that folder, the user is prompted to provide another location containing the back-end.

Remember to relink the SART if you re-locate the SART files at any time. Remember thet the re-linker will, by default, automatically re-link to the back-end file found in the same folder as the front-end file.

Running the re-linker may take some time to compete (possibly several minutes) if the files are located on a network.

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