Using SART - Creating Absence Reports and Summaries

Clicking on Absence Reports and Summaries in the main menu will open the form shown below. (This can also be opened up directly from an employee absence record, by selecting Main on the Absence Report command bar.)


Reports can be chosen from three groups, as arranged in the tabbed dialogue:

Organisation Absence Reports can be selected by date-range, and show just the general type of absence in the report, or to include more details of sickness absence cause.

The more detail that has been added when entering data at employee level (eg including the employees department, grade, job title, etc), the more these reports can be varied, categorising and summarising data by the different groups and characteristics amongst the workforce.

Individual Employee Absence Reports can be selected by the individual employee name, and by date range.

Trigger Action Reports will test for Employee specific or Organisation wide triggers levels that have been set, and produce a report, by individual employee, on levels that meet or exceed the limits set.

The use of trigger action levels and testing in sickness absence management is more fully described in other guidance documents: Click here for more guidance information on the application and use of trigger levels as management tools.

Further information on setting and testing Triggers in SART is given here.

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