Using SART - The Main Menu

Features of the Main Menu

With SART help is available from any screen by clicking on the Help menu item in the menu bar at the top of the screen. This help is also available from any screen by pressing the F1 key.

From the opening Welcome form select an Organisation/Company from the list of those available to open the main menu for the SART application. A copy of the main menu is shown below.


From the main menu the various buttons open forms for sickness absence data management - the details of these are available in various separate help pages for the application. For convenience, quick-links to these are provided in button order below:

  1. Organisation Details
  2. Employees & Absence Recording
  3. Absence Reports and Summaries
  4. Sickness Absence Management Action Triggers
  5. SA Management Help Pages And Guidance Info
  6. Coding List Maintenance
  7. Output Export File
  8. Contact Details
  9. Database Admin Utility

The main menu gives access via the various buttons to all the different functions available in the tool. Like other forms, the functions available are highlighted in Tooltips, which are shown by hovering the mouse pointer over the relevant button or other area on screen.

Help and guidance (such as this document) on the various forms and screens available from the main menu are described via the main help menu. Help on the the main functions of the button items on the main menu are also available as links below.

In general throughout the tool, data is entered into 'Fields'? on a form. Type or edit entries into each field as presented on the screen.

In the SART database some of the data fields for Organisation, Employees and Absences have been designated as mandatory or required fields, and must be entered for a form. The prompts or labels for mandatory (ie required) fields are shown underlined and framed in colour. These fields will be checked for completion when the data is saved, and warnings issued if they are missing. All other fields can optionally be left blank, although the more data and detail that is supplied, the more useful will be the tool and the reports it can produce for you.

Liberal use has been made of 'Tooltips'? throughout the SART tool interface so that the user has immediate access to useful information on the fields, forms and menus. These tips appear when you hover the mouse cursor over a field or button. They provide information on the data that should be entered into a field, or the function of a button or other feature on a form.

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