Information on Display Screen Equipment (DSE, or VDU):
Use and the DSE Regulations

  1. Introduction and the DSE Regulations
  2. Suggested steps
    1. Employers duties under the regulations
    2. Equipment to Assess
    3. Working Environment Issues
    4. Furniture to Assess
    5. Software Issues
    6. Assessment Priorities
  3. Useful links to further information
  4. Other useful references or other resources


The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) (DSE) Regulations, 1992 (as amended in 2002) sets out guidance on the minimum standards and requirements for working with Display Screen Equipment (VDUs). The DSE Regulations highlight possible risks to health from using such equipment, such as upper limb disorders (ULDs). The employer has a duty to ensure they comply with the Regulations by assessing both the workstation and the working environment of employees who regularly use computer workstations and display screen equipment.

Suggested Steps:

Employers have the following duties under the regulations:

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Equipment to be assessed will include:

Environmental Issues to consider include:

Furniture to examine includes:

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Software issues to consider include:

It is very important that:

As with all Health and Safety Regulations the employer is encouraged to assess the potential presence of risk factors associated with using Display Screen Equipment and to take actions as early as possible to reduce those risks. It is therefore important that employees are encouraged to report any problems they experience using computers and display screens, and that employers monitor trends in absence from ULDs to identify users who may potentially be at risk.

Employers should seek to provide information on appropriate support services, such as Occupational Health, GP and Ergonomics to ensure that users have access to support and advice as needed.

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Some useful links for further information on the use of DSE and the regulations:

HSE site with general information and advice provided about work in an office environment

HSE COSHH Essentials Site

The UK Ergonomics Society Site. With a list of registered consultancies who may be able to help you. HSE

Other useful resources:

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