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Hand arm vibration monitoring

IOM is one of the most experienced firms within the UK, providing exposure to hand arm vibration monitoring, consultancy, evaluation and risk assessments as part of our Occupational Hygiene services.

Our experts are available to help employers, advising on how best to reduce the exposure to hand arm vibration or any other type of harmful vibration work for employees. We also ensure that worker health is protected and that regulatory compliance is achieved.

Our vibration monitoring assessments take account the requirements of the control of vibration at work regulations.

Hand Arm Vibration Risk Assessment

As part of our vibration risk assessment we can measure the average vibration magnitudes and calculate daily exposure times. From this we can then advise on how best to control the levels of exposure, provide training and help prepare detailed policies and procedures to deal safely with vibration issues in the work place.

Where our measurements indicate exposures to be above the exposure action value (EAV) or the exposure limit value (ELV), we can help employers develop and implement strategies that will reduce vibration levels and exposures.

Prolonged and regular exposure to vibration can affect the equipment operator’s health, which can impact on them and their families for years to come.

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