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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Risk Assessment and Analysis

Environmental monitoring, risk assessment and analysis

At a time of growing concern about environmental pollution, IOM helps organisations manage their impact on the local environment and nearby communities. Our services take account of our extensive research over many years in to health effects that may be associated with bio-aerosol emissions from composting and other waste handling operations, as well as contaminated land and general worker and general public exposure to poor air quality.

At IOM, we are engaged to measure, monitor, report and recommend on sites and areas that may create worker risk through the inhalation or skin exposure to various items listed under the COSHH guidelines. The increasing demand to dispose of and recycle materials, in conjunction with the increasing demand for development on both brown and greenfield sites has created a requirement for environmental risk and health impact studies or surveys prior to and during site work.

We therefore have particular specialist expertise in measuring and managing the risks for both communities and workers associated with:

  • Bio-aerosol monitoring.
  • Contaminated land surveys.
  • Environmental dust, air quality and noise¬†monitoring.

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