Hospital Ventilation

Microbiological Monitoring

Microbiological Air Sampling

HTM03-01 requires ‘at wound site’ monitoring under UCV canopies following validation to determine the level of colony forming units / cubic metre.
IOM specialises in at wound site monitoring using a combination of Casella airborne bacteria sampler (ABS) and sterile silicone tubing.

The silicone tubing is pre-sterilised in the CSSD prior to the monitoring.

The surgeon places one end of the tube within 300mm of the wound site and the other end is passed to IOM’s microbiologist outside the clean zone of the UCV canopy.  The tube is connected to the Casella ABS and sampling takes place once the first incision is made until the closing of the wound.

This involves using several sampling plates each exposed to 10.5m3 of air over a 15 minute period.

Peripheral sampling locations under the canopy are also monitored during the theatre list.

Following monitoring the sample plates are incubated and enumerated by IOM in our UKAS accredited microbiological laboratory. IOM is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 0374.

At wound site monitoring is frequently undertaken to provide assurance that the UCV canopy and clinical procedures are effective in controlling the level of bacteria at wound sites particularly deep wounds such as occur during orthopaedic hip and knee replacement surgery.

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