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Asbestos management survey

Asbestos Management Survey

(Formerly known as a Type 2 survey, prior to the issue of Asbestos: The Survey Guide in 2010)

What is an Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey is undertaken to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) which could be disturbed during a building’s everyday use, including maintenance work.

The management survey will assess the condition of suspect materials, along with their ability to release fibres. This is classed as a material assessment and will enable the duty holder to assess the risk and subsequently put measures in place to mitigate or reduce the risk to building occupants and those involved in routine maintenance.

A management survey should encompass all areas within the building including, where present and accessible, ceiling voids, risers, ducts and undercrofts. All associated outbuildings should also be included within the survey e.g. garages, stores, plant rooms.

A management survey can involve some intrusive work (e.g. inspecting within boxing, behind panelling, below floor coverings). The scope and extent of the survey should be discussed and agreed in advance.

An Asbestos Register

The management survey will provide you with an asbestos register which can be used to form the basis of an asbestos management plan as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

It is worth noting that if you plan to sell or lease your premises, a prospective buyer or tenant will expect to be provided with asbestos information for your property

At IOM we offer a follow up service whereby the surveyor who has carried out the survey can meet with you at your premises to discuss the findings of the survey report and offer advice on any areas of concern. We can also assistance in the completion of Priority Assessment in order to provide Total Risk Assessment scores for your ACMs allowing you to prioritise remediation work. Please contact us for further information.

IOM Consulting Ltd is UKAS accredited to carry out Asbestos Management Surveys and Priority Assessment.

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