Dr Yvette Christopher-de Vries

Research Scientist

Yvette is a Research Scientist in occupational and environmental health. She develops and applies exposure assessment methodology for health risk assessment, risk management, control intervention and epidemiological studies. She is particularly interested in investigating new, cost-effective technologies for improving the quality of human exposure assessment and investigating how these can be applied in low and middle-income countries.

Yvette's interest extends to Health Impact Assessment as a tool for safeguarding and positively impacting population health and she has participated in both national (Public Health Impact Assessment of Unconventional Natural Gas Development in Scotland; Environmental Determinants of Public Health in Scotland (EDPHiS); HIA Greenspace); and international projects (HEIMTSA). 

Yvette's research experience includes occupational exposure modelling of chemical and physical agents including metals, asbestos, nano-materials and electromagnetic fields; investigating exposure routes and their inter-relation (ingestion, dermal, inhalation); retrospective exposure assessment based on historical information; development and validation of (semi)-quantitative Job Exposure Matrices (JEMs) and investigating novel approaches to exposure assessment: self-assessment of occupational exposure; life-time assessment of occupational exposure using a probabilistic approach; validation of self-assigned micro-activity/location data for environmental health studies).


Contact details:



  • BSc Natural Sciences
  • MSc Environmental Sciences
  • PhD Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  • MPH Public Health


Research Interests:

  • Exposure Science
  • Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
  • Environmental Public Health


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