Dr Mark Cherrie

Senior Scientist (Environment and Public Health)

Mark is a Senior Scientist in the Environment and Public Health team within IOM, since July 2020.

Mark completed his PhD in Environmental Epidemiology at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in Truro, Cornwall. He then worked at the ECEHH as a postdoctoral researcher and later joined CRESH, at the University of Edinburgh, working on geospatial determinants of health. Mark has collaborated with several governmental organisations and charities including the Met Office, Public Health England, Public Health Scotland and Alcohol Focus Scotland. His skills in geographic information systems, statistics and interactive web applications have provided new insight into pressing public health issues – mitigating air pollution, optimising sun exposure, improving access to greenspaces, reducing alcohol and tobacco use and mental health inequalities, and supporting healthy ageing.

Mark’s research interest is in developing exposome approaches that estimate the effect of multiple environmental and occupational exposures over an individual’s lifetime, into tools that organisations can use to improve health.

Mark is involved in the EPHOR project and the PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study.

Contact Details:


  • MA in Geography, University of Edinburgh
  • PhD in Environmental Epidemiology, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Exeter/Plymouth

Society Membership

  • Society for Social Medicine & Population Health
  • Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society

Research Interests

  • Spatial lifecourse epidemiology
  • Health inequalities
  • Measuring the external exposome using sensors and satellites
  • Reproducible research
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