Our Scientists

Dr Ioannis Basinas

Ioannis is a senior scientist within the Exposure Science section of our Research Division. His research interests focus on the establishment and application of improved methods for quantitative exposure assessment based on statistical and mathematical modelling approaches. Ioannis has substantial experience in the assessment of exposure to organic dusts and the related health risks. Previously he was responsible for one of the largest exposure assessment studies on personal bio-aerosol exposures of farmers ever accomplished. He has also been involved in several studies aiming to guide and optimize exposure control strategies for bio-aerosol exposures in farm workplaces, and extensively worked towards the assessment of the burden of historical exposures to organic dusts. Currently he is involved in several projects related to the assessment of exposure to engineered nanomaterials, organic dusts, and the evaluation of Tier 1 models used under REACH. 

Contact details:


  • PhD in Medicine (Specialization: Occupational epidemiology and hygiene)
  • MSc in Toxicology and Environmental Epidemiology
  • BSc in Environmental sciences

Research Interests:

  • Quantitative exposure assessment
  • Statistical modeling of exposure
  • Assessment of health risks
  • Exposure control and prevention
  • Intervention studies

Selected Publications:

Basinas I,  Cronin G,  Hogan V,  Sigsgaard T,  Hayes J, Coggins A M. (2017). Exposure to inhalable dust, endotoxin, and total volatile organic carbons on dairy farms using manual and automated feeding systems. Annals Of Work Exposure and Health; 1st January (epub ahead of print). 

Basinas I, Sigsgaard T, Bønløkke J, Andersen NT, Omland Ø, Kromhout H, Schlünssen V. 2017. A simple action reduced airborne dust among farmers [En simpel indsats gav mindre støv i luften hos landmænd].  Miljø og Sundhed; 23: 10-18. (Article in Danish) 

van Tongeren M, Lamb J, Cherrie JW, MacCalman L, Basinas I, Hesse S. (2017). Validation of Lower Tier Exposure Tools Used for REACH: Comparison of Tools Estimates With Available Exposure Measurements.  Annals of Work Exposures and Health 18th July (epub ahead of print).