IOM Research Expertise

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

The IOM has extensive experience in carrying out systematic evidence reviews and reviews of the state of knowledge in specific topic areas for a range of clients including government, industry, and industry associations.  These have included systematic reviews of quantitative research and as more often found in the fields of occupational health and ergonomics, systematic reviews of qualitative studies.  Reviews are carried out by multi-disciplinary teams selected to carry out specific research briefs, with technical expertise in scientific literature searching, and specific experience in critical systematic reviewing, evidence synthesis, and meta-analysis.   

Our review work is supported by our in-house chartered Information Scientist and we have direct expertise in the preparation of search strategies and protocols, and the design and execution of systematic searches of a wide range of bibliographic databases.  A further feature of the IOM approach to reviews acknowledges that reference bibliographies inevitably ‘lag behind’ the primary literature, and it is our standard practice to also include a manual search of recent issues of selected relevant publications (or contents lists if published electronically at the time of paper publication) to ensure that any review is as up to date as possible.

Our recent work in this area has included reviews of:

  • the health of health practitioners 
  • secondary research on workplace interventions for mental wellbeing
  • literature relating to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • the potential health effects associated with particle emissions from gas-fired glass furnaces
  • the evidence for a baseline incidence of occupational ill-health in agriculture
  • an occupational hygiene review of nanoparticles
  • health conditions in UK seafarers
  • the health, safety and health promotion needs of older workers 
  • workplace interventions to improve mental wellbeing at work 
  • occupational health of firefighters
  • the occupational health and safety risks of vulnerable workers
  • the health and wellbeing of remote and mobile workers.

Our review team also carry out commercial in confidence reviews on behalf of industrial clients and others.  The outcome of these reviews has been used to inform the development of Government policy, improvements in working practice and product design in industry, and in planning appropriate follow up to chemical incidents in the workplace.

For more information about our systematic reviews and meta-analysis please contact Hilary Cowie.